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Welcome to the Forum. Please read before posting

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Welcome to the Forum. Please read before posting Empty Welcome to the Forum. Please read before posting

Post by Dave Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:22 pm

Welcome to the forum.
We hope you find lots of useful information and we would love you to contribute too. You will need to Register and complete your profile in full to be able to view and post in the forums. Its easy and only takes a minute, and dont worry, your information is private and will not be passed on.

Forum Rules
Normal forum rules apply, No Politics, No Religion, no Flaming, No Trolling. Above all respect other members and their opinions. Members found to be breaking these rules will be banned and all their posts will be deleted. Please take a second to watch this short video.


Our forum will contain articles as well as discussion allowing readers to submit their opinions/thoughts. These comments are not the views of and we will be not be responsible for the content of comments posted. Comments are the sole responsibility of their author(s). The Caveliving Forum does not actively monitor these comments; futhermore, the information on them are for entertainment purposes only. However, we may delete content at our discretion if we notice them and find them to be inappropriate in any way.

Links: may show links to other websites. The Caveliving Forum is not responsible for the content or business practices of these external websites. This privacy statement will only apply to

Email validation is required during registration in order to control spam posts.

This forum may use cookies in order to save reader preferences. Data is not shared with any other party. Accessing this forum isn't dependent on accepting cookies and all major browsers have the option of disabling them. The Caveliving Forum may record info such as IP addresses, internet provider info, referrer strings, browser types and page loading data.
By using any part of the site you consent to the use of cookies

In addition to complying to our privacy statement, users must also comply with disclaimers as well. This statement will stay up to date with any future changes.

Any questions regarding privacy information, please browse the website.

Please also visit our other forum, covering all lifestyles through 'Inland Spain' [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The For Sale Forum

The For Sale, Wanted / Freecycle Section is for regular forum users and will automatically become visible when 10 posts have been made.

Traders may advertise if they are regular contributors to the forum, after making 50 posts and at the discretion of the Moderators and Admin.

The Traders profile must be fully completed, and they must remain active on the forum.

All sale items must include a price (excluding Freecycle items).

All Sales adds must include the town, where the item is.

Wanted & For Sale ads from Estate Agents will be deleted.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to check that the seller is the rightfull owner of the sale item.

When an item is no longer for sale or wanted please edit the title to say 'SOLD'. We can then delete all the old entries, to keep things tidy and easier for members to see whats still active.

Old threads will be deleted occasionally, if the item is still for sale or wanted, please re advertise.

Posts asking for Freecycle items will be deleted.

Postings from members with incomplete profiles will be deleted.

This is to stop 'traders' only posting sales items, and is for the general good of the forum, to keep it running smoothly with the friendly and helpful 'banter' that the regular posters expect to see.

Items sell much faster with a picture!

How to post your pictures:
If you have the pictures on your computer or removable device, click the 15th button along 'host an image'
A box will open, click 'browse'
Find the image that you want and click 'open',
Make sure the window in that box says '800px width for forums', then click the button 'host it'.
Wait for a few seconds while the elves inside your computer do their thing.
Click bottom of the three buttons 'copy' which will highlight image url.
Press control plus C , (shortcut for copy) and then click the 16th button along 'image'.
Click in the window.
Press control plus V (shortcut for paste) and the image url will appear in the box.
Click OK and your image url will appear in your post. SIMPLES!

If you have the image url then skip the part where you host an image and go to:

Click the 16th button along 'image'.
Click in the window.
Press control plus V and the image url will appear in the box.
Click OK and your image url will appear in your post. Even more SIMPLES!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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