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Post by Flying Dogs Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:53 pm


I Posted a similar Post earlier but forgot to put it as a 'new Topic' and piggy-backed another Post I was looking at.

2 young and friendly (but a little timid) approx 5 to 6 month old pups needing a home. Black & White (looks a bit like a Collie in the face) is a male and the female is White with Black markings.

They've camped outside in a gap between my Garden wall and an empty Spanish property during the night. Then sleep under the shade of a Pampas Grass during the hotter afternoon. We already have enough Dogs and unable to keep these 2. Another Spanish neighbour is feeding them but already has a number of dogs himself.

Really, could do with a home for them if you can help or know someone else who can please leave a message - thanks

Flying Dogs

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