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Caves in Alicante Province

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Caves in Alicante Province Empty Caves in Alicante Province

Post by clareking Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:19 pm

Hello, I wonder if anyone knows about the cuevas in Alicante Province, there are MANY... but they do not seem to have been exploited to the extent that the Altiplano caves have been, there are a few on estate agent books, but there are literally hundreds of unreformed caves which are abandoned, not even used as storage areas... I am asking because I heard there are differences in the "ROCK" they are formed from, (rock in the geological sense of the word) it being mainly a much less calciferous sedimentary structure, a sandstone proper.  

I also heard from a few people now, that as the atmosphere is a far higher humidity, keeping them aired is way more difficult.  I have to say that the few inhabited ones I went into there, (all very much casa-cuevas) were extremely badly aired, humid and had obvious fungal attacks.  However, there isn't, it seems, a huge community of troglodytes there to share their wisdom, so the idea of having the cave exclusively shut off as a guest bedroom area didn't seem wrong the the 2 owners I am thinking about. mind you, very toasty warm and womb like in both, compared to the block house parts built on the front and lived in almost to the exclusion of the cave....

So, anyone know anything about this area, I am curious, and surprised that there are so many but so few occupied.  

I guess the inheritance law is partly responsible... but it hasn't stopped things happening here.... I just see a beautiful and ecologically commendable resource being wasted, and it seems sad.  

On a slightly sideways tack, I am fascinated by the geology of Granada, Almeria Murcia and Alicante, and would love to meet someone who has better than ancient A level standard understanding of it all.  The internet has not revealed to much to me yet....

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