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Opinions of Caniles?

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Opinions of Caniles?  Empty Opinions of Caniles?

Post by jaycey001 Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:17 am

Hi everyone

I have searched through this whole forum over the last few days and found lots of really interesting and useful information! I am heading over to look at a few cave houses in April and will be using Sean at SIPs to guide me.

I was wondering what peoples experiences/views are of Caniles as a place to live/own a property?

While the Cave will be my main property i work most of the year at a boarding school in the Uk so security is one thing that I would be slightly concerned about. Have people had any problems with this when leaving a property and how have they dealt with it?

As a bit of additional info, the property will be on the outskirts of a village, no more than a 15min walk to the shops and will be used by me, my partner and 2 young children.

Many thanks



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Opinions of Caniles?  Empty Re: Opinions of Caniles?

Post by Mandi Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:25 pm

Sean is in Galera which is a nice village and very friendly, there will soon be some one else along to tell you about their village. ours has 2 food shops a ferriteria, builders yard, hotel, several bars and market every Wed.


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