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spain doing away with the euro

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spain doing away with the euro Empty spain doing away with the euro

Post by bigcol on Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:15 pm

At the moment all eyes are understandably on the Greeks. However the state of the Spanish economy and debt doesn't look very good at all. Could the unthinkable happen and Spain have to /or choose to leave the Euro? There are some pretty hefty loan repayments that fall due in June this year that could precipitate market commotion.

Would it be such a bad thing? It would bring the tourists back. Excess housing stock would be available at bargain prices for foreigners(again). Is Spain a net importer or net exporter?

It would certainly be good for the many impoverished Brits living here on a vastly reduced Sterling based income as presumably such an exit would be accompanied by a hefty devaluation. Not that that would be a government consideration for one minute.

What do you think?


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