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2017 - UK Referendum

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2017 - UK Referendum  Empty 2017 - UK Referendum

Post by Edofwigan Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:43 pm

With a population of 46 Million, containing 6 Million Ex-Pats, of which nearly 1 Million are Brits - How might a UK referendum vote to leave the EU affect things in Spain?

Will Brits need to:

Pay for health care
not be entitled to other benefits
Need a visa
Face restricted travel
Have changes to ease of residency

apologies if this is a thread elsewhere but I cant find it and I am interested in your opinions


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2017 - UK Referendum  Empty Re: 2017 - UK Referendum

Post by Lurchio Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:25 pm

Good luck with this one!

Personally, whatever happens the UK cannot afford to drop all trade links with Europe, some may remember the old 'quota' systems which strangled competition and walked all over any idea of 'free trade'. If we are not to be an EEC Country, we will have to become an EEA (European Economic Area) member if we vote 'out', and the model for how this works is Switzerland and Norway I believe.
EEA members will have the same access to residency as EEC members. (Again refer to the Swiss!)

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