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Formula 1

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Formula 1 Empty Formula 1

Post by Ponderosa Mon Jul 07, 2014 7:32 pm

David Piper (The Formula 1 driver) is my friend I learnt to ride his 250cc Panther motor bike on his families land and later on he bought a 500cc Cotton motor bike I super charged it for him by skimming a 16th of the cylinder head, fitting a dome head piston and fitting a US carburettor. As you will know he lost his foot and had to give up racing. I liked the old ERA cars I liked the style and have since lost interest.

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David Piper was a privateer who competed in three grand prix in 1959 and 1960 but only qualified for two of them. With Ferrari he enjoyed success in sports car racing - he was the team's most successful privateer - but in 1966 while filming the Steve McQueen film Le Mans he crashed his Porsche 917 and lost a leg. He later recalled: "I suddenly found myself sitting in only half a car, surrounded by smoke and dust, and I thought, `Good Lord, that's my shoe over there - and my foot is still in it'." Undaunted, he returned to the track within months and in 2005 celebrated 60 years of competitive racing.
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Formula 1 Empty Re: Formula 1

Post by Dave Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:46 pm

Very interesting Peter. Motor racing is now more dependant on technology rather than whos got the biggest pair.....
There was an interesting documentary I watched recently about the massive crash at lemans involving Mercedes and Jaguar. At the time is was likened to the battle of Britain, which was still in peoples minds. Jaguar were told that under no circumstances were Mercedes to win. Interestingly they gave the ride to Mike Hawthorn who had recently been told that he was terminaly ill, and was hyped up to be Britains hero of the time. 'Some would say' that as a result of some 'over competetive' driving the accident occured as the leading cars entered the pit straight, resulting with the loss of 84 lives and hundreds injured. On a lighter note, I loved the quote ' The Mercedes was built by thousands of technicians in a purpose built factory with state of the art equipment in Germany.
The Jaguar was built by eight mechanics in a shed in Coventry.

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