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Begging letters?

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Begging letters? Empty Begging letters?

Post by Lurchio Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:40 pm

My 'minder' and keeper of the Lurchio castle in my absence reports that I have received a letter from the Deputation of Granada. They want 10.10 euros by the end of November, and it appears that its some form of demand to help out the Public Services, etc. and covers from July to December.

Obviously, its not just me that has had this, whats that all about? I know I paid my IBI and Impuestos this year.

So, I look at my Unicaja account and see that its 'tuned; into paying Granada taxes, etc and lo and behold, theres the 10.10 euros outstanding. Trouble is, I can't pay it online because after plodding through all the screens, the system asks for a 'combination code of 0 - 0'. That's got me, do I need like a secure key from the Baza office or something?

Ho, hum, guess I will have to drag me and the strife over for a break and pay it into the bank, then.

Seriously, any info appreciated.

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Begging letters? Empty Re: Begging letters?

Post by pete_l Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:28 am

I got one of these, too. Mine was only for €7.18

Now, here's the thing. Although I recognised this as a bill, I was interested to discover what, exactly I was being stiffed for, this time.

Sooo, I scanned the accompanying letter to a JPG, cleaned it up (basically: just set the "white point" so the background was white and the text was dark). Then I uploaded the scanned image to Google Docs (you need a gmail account for this). There I got Google to convert the picture into text - the technique is called Optical Character Recognition: OCR - in spanish. Once I had the spanish text, Google translated it into english and here it is: (though I'm not sure it's any clearer clown after all that technology has done its stuff)

Provincial Tax Service
Order: 95 317
Dear Neighbor:
This past December, the House passed the Provincial directly assume the management of solid waste in the province of Granada in order to make it more effective, optimize public resources and to achieve a more respectful and aware province to the protection of our natural environment.
Such decision has involved a reorganization in the formula of collection of the rate per treatment was already paying you: from now on the City Council will charge only the share garbage collection, which will be deducted so far he charged for treatment, concept now, and since last July 1, will be charged Provincial Revenue Service.
That is why we attach a receipt of the Service Provincial Revenue, which in any case is a new rate, or imply that you pay twice for the same service.
With the reorganization we have tried to spread the cost of the service in a more equitable and inclusive, raising bonuses plus 50 percent in the fee for pensioners and large families, and a total exemption rate for families with all members unemployed and empty dwellings, under the conditions specified Fiscal Ordinance regulating the fee.
municipal waste treatment is required by law, and the Provincial Council of Granada is at the forefront in Spain in this field, thanks to the high technology used for a trash bag in which are often mixed organic and inorganic waste, recyclable or convertible, may have a second life and thus contribute to environmental care. Do not forget that every person living in Granada on average generates more than 350 kilograms per year, and that treating all waste generated will be for 94% of Grenadians a cost less than two euros per family per month.
Attached to this letter we send you a brochure where you can reso | see inquiries that the application of this rate can piantearle. If still some of them, we are at your disposal on phone 958 247341 and on the website of the Provincial Tax Service, through address, and social networks                                                                
([You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]                                                                .com/ serviciogrovincialtributario) and Twitter (@ TributosGranada) to resolve all your concerns.
We appreciate your attention and send a cordial greeting.
Granada, September 2013 The Vice-Chairman of Provincial Tax Service
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