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The postman owes me 10€

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The postman owes me 10€ Empty The postman owes me 10€

Post by pete_l Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:40 am

Benamaurel Correos used to be such a quiet little place. The most exotic thing that ever happened was Maria sending a birthday card to her nephew in Argentina. Then along came the brits and the germans, dutch and the swedes. Sending letters all over europe and getting strange smelling packages delivered. Still, no matter: one packet incoming is much like another - sign here, here, there and <flips page> here, here and at the bottom. And don't forget your NIE, as well.

Come the internet even the spanish were getting in on the act. Ordering stuff online and collecting parcels of all shapes and sizes. A good thing too, as all the extra business keeps people in work. Just keep signing on the dotted line.

The only problem is when people have to send stuff back. In this case, the Cubieboard2¹ I bought from the supplier in Schenzen didn't work and needed to go back for a replacement. Off I trot, padded envelope in hand. I wanted to send the package as a Paquete Internacional Economico and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] told me that it would be about 20€ for postage. What they didn't tell me was that the chap behind the counter had never had to send anything to China before ...

First attempt was to give me a small form to fill in. My name, Repient's name & address. NIE, all the usuall stuff - just on the wrong form. A quick phone call to his head office in Baza and out comes the BIG FORM, complete with customs declaration. This looks much better and was (I must say) more what I was expecting. Names, addresses, description of the contents. Value, phone number, email address (!) Even instructions of what to do if the consignment was undeliverable. All signed, sealed and handed over.
Next step is that the whole shbang: package and form goes off to Baza. Tomorrow I can go back to the Correos and pick up my copy of the form and hopefully my broken Cubieboard will be going back to meet its maker.
Come the time to pay, out comes the wallet and a solitary 50€ note, plus some nuts'n'bolts to make up the change. A quick rummage in the postie's draw turns up 20€ in change - and that's it.
Hopefully when I go back manaña my copy of the form and change will be waiting for me.

[1] for the afficionados. It's a small, 70€ computer board, a little larger than a credit card. Complete with high-def output to a TV or monitor, Ethernet, USB ports (2), dual-processor, 1GB memory and 4GB of onboard flash. It runs Android, out of the box - with Google Play for apps. You can reflash it with Linux and store all your data on a micro-SD card. It also does all the usual [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] stuff, too.


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