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Driving from the UK to Spain

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Driving from the UK to Spain

Post by DannyandJosie on Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:07 pm

I have just driven from the UK to Spain and did quite a bit of research on the various routes I could have chosen. These include taking the ferry or tunnel to France and driving all the way to Spain, as well as taking the ferry to Spain and driving from there. I have detailed our journey and the various options, distances and costs below in case it is of interest to anyone Smile

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Re: Driving from the UK to Spain

Post by Tala Orchard on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:44 pm

We joined Brittany Ferries club voyage which means healthy discounts on fares and therefore more chances to return to see family and friends in England. Plus free breakfasts on most of the journeys although we have discovered that most cashiers only charge 2.20 for bacon and scrambled egg no matter how much the chef has piled on to the plate! We always now go for an outside cabin with tea/coffee making facilities of which one can obtain a never-ending supply from Information desk.

We prefer Santander as it means we can access the N623 up and over the plateau to Burgos. The scenery is awesome and there are plenty of places to pull in to have a snack if one needs one. On this route, we have overtaken cars that left the ferry long before we did!

Then from Madrid - well it depends on the time. Sometimes we go past Jaen again because of the scenery and because we like to visit the ceramic stalls near Cadiz. The quicker route is towards Albecete, but then we aren't heading for Baza. No tolls on the way down although a couple of times we paid a small amount for a tunnel near Madrid on the way up.

One of the best ideas we had was to bring over boxes each time and put them in storage (whilst waiting to find the cave that said, "Buy me!" to us) in Baza with Ross and Debbie Wylde at No. 13!

Regarding Club Voyage, we added son as associate and the saving paid for his trip.
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Re: Driving from the UK to Spain

Post by Dave on Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:07 pm

If anybody wants to make use of the Forums code it is S000T2 Happy sailing. Very Happy

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Re: Driving from the UK to Spain

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