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Post by janisntony on Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:58 am

I am looking for a good used R16 x 7.5 wheel rim and preferably a 235 R16 AT tubeless tyre(not essential) to be a second spare for my Land Rover - any out there?

If not does anyone know nearest breakers yard? I know the one at Albox.


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Re: Wanted

Post by Cats-R-Us on Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:55 am

There are several car breakers yards (desguaces) close to Baza on the main road from Baza to Benemaurel. The largest appears to be on the right hand side (going from Baza to Benemaurel) a little way past the Agip garage. They have a counter, like a shop, where you go in and ask for what you want. We went in by mistake as they also have/had a new tyre fitting place and we thought you had to go in the shop. We thought it strange when they didn't have the tyre size we wanted until we realised we were in the breakers yard shop.
There are a couple of other smaller places on that road well before you reach the El Baico industrial site. There is also one going the other way into Baza, on the left-hand side - it has an old car mounted on a tall pylon structure.
Hope this helps.

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