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Post by Shiny on Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:13 am

Does anyone know of the papers needed for a residencia now as the law changed again in january this year,
also what papers are needed to matriculate a car
Thank you


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Re: information

Post by Lurchio on Fri Aug 15, 2014 10:13 pm

Only trying to help, Tony so here goes........... Proof of medical insurance to cover 'all risks' and equivalent to Spanish NHS cover, unless you are registered with the Spanish DSS / are Autonomo with payments to DSS or have an S1 as an OAP in the UK (but you're too young!). The residual S1 finished in July for 'early retirees' and would only have been valid for max 2.5 years anyway. So its Private Insurance probably. (Just been through that!) Alternatively dump Annie and get a wrinkly over 65, and you will be covered free by her S1 as a dependant. (Pension will also be handy.....)

Sufficient income so as not to be a 'burden on the state', this varies I am told, but the general feeling seems to be 450 to 500 euros per person per month, or 6500 euros in a stash. Both needed in some Communities! All money must be in a Spanish Bank account.

Must matriculate my bike this year, will use a Gestor!!!!!!!! (See Daves bit on this)

We are going for it as regards residencies in January, coming over in late September to stay.(Has to be less than 183 days this year in Spain, and it will be!!!)


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