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10 Nintendo DS games

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10 Nintendo DS games

Post by Gobiker56 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:37 am

I Broke my Nintendo DS, I think it is the screen. So I am selling my games plus FREE the broken Nintendo DS with new screen & Tools to fit it, the instructions are on You Tube. The games are 20.00 Euros the lot. There is no guarantee on the Console as it is FREE, (I just cannot be A**sed to try and fix it)
F24 Stealth Fighter
Brain Age 2
Best of Board games (Chess, Checkers, Mahjong, Yams)
Puzzler collection (2000 puzzles wordsearch, crossword, Sudoku, Fitword)
Powershot pinball constructor
Spellbound (Spelling bee etc advanced spelling with option of written and spoken instructions in one language and the answers in another)
Gunpey (Music puzzle)
Sims 2 castaway
Simcity DS
The Simpsons game
Planet puzzle (different falling blocks etc.)
Final fantasy 3
Proffessor Layton and the diabolical box

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