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Post by ladyinred on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:18 am

I went to help someone get a foreigners residencia card ( the a4 paper changed to a flimsy equally useless card quite recently , still no good as an identity document) only to find it has been scrapped for the time being at least. Not a great surprise though to find that the spanish authorities have abandoned one system before they get the next in place and up and running.. The man in the office was as much in the dark as we customers now are and had no idea when the new system if any will be in place . I am not sure where that leaves the pensioners who need a resident card to take to the social security office when registering for the health care card they are entitled to when they move to spain. If anyone knows the answer to this I would be most grateful . ALSO another reason for the resident card was to become a fiscal resident at the same time , a major benefit being that when one partner eventually dies , the tax on the other half of your property is much less than if you had been seen as ' non resident' and therefore needed to pay the capital gains tax which is rather steep for a non resident. Presumably without a resident card you would also not be able to apply for a spanish driving license either? If anyone has experience of any of the above especially in very recent times , I would be grateful to hear from you.

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