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Spanish/UK Taxation

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Spanish/UK Taxation

Post by Ken on Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:40 pm

For anyone who is in receipt of several pensions in the UK, you might be able to take advantage of both countries tax free allowances, by electing where they are to be taxed. (Some pensions can only be taxed in the UK).
It is a relatively painless procedure if you have the right advice, and could even get a tax rebate from the UK if you have been here for a few years.
Unfortunately there are not any Tax experts in the Baza area that can offer free advice, nor have the knowledge of the UK tax laws.
I, and a number of people have been dealing with a UK regulated company in Almeria who have delivered some spectacular results over the past two or three years.
I will be visiting their offices sometime in the next two weeks and if anyone is interested, I would be happy to give them a lift. If sufficient people show interest I could possibly get the to come to Baza.
Before anyone makes comment. I am not on commission for referrals. I believe that in this time of recession getting the best out of the system can only be good. I anticipate that I could be better off to the tune of €1500 - 2000 per annum. Very Happy


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