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Lawyers , Builders & Insurance !!

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Lawyers , Builders & Insurance !!

Post by nigtrog on Mon May 23, 2011 2:04 am

Good morning all
sorry to throw up these old topics again !!
I am in need of any insurance co recommendations ( i was with Lloyd & Whyte but they just packed up in spain !) , ones that def cover caves for water / earthquake etc damage like L&W did !!
I still struggling to find vg local Lawyer to help with urgent problem in Freila re; Ayuntemeo building a retaining wall incorrectly that diverted water in to mine & others caves !! , Ayuntemento just ignoring my / local helps efforts and insurance co also trying to say not covered although policy clearly sais i am ! .
Builders oh builders !! , as someone who runs a good quality family building co in the uk i frustrated unable to find local reliable builder to do few jobs ( re surface road , bit structual lintel work etc ) i unable to do myself in limited time have when come out every few months !
Appreciate if anyone does have some vg contacts / recommendations they can pm me !!

take care all


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