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Post by Cavernícola on Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:03 pm

A big thankyou to everyone who replied to my post.

Yes we both think we will be very happy here it is beutiful, we didn't think that we could find a quiet corner of Spain but we did, we were just Lucky, we did look in Olvera in Cadiz province before we came here but although it is ver nice it is too large and too steep for us.

As for Goa, well we enjoyed our time there and the people in general were lovely and very friendly but unfortunately it was getting too expensive for travelling and too long (at least 20 hrs door to door). The Indian Government then changed the visa regs so rather than being able to stay for 11 1/2 months we could only stay a maximum of 180 days each visit the had to leave for a minimum of 2 months, theta then doubled our travelling costs.

Also as a foriegner you cannot own property in Goa so all our efforts were thwarted by rule & law changes every few months and we lost a lot of money but thats life.

It was a great experience and we have lots of wonderful friends there whom we miss.

once again, thanks for the welcome.

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